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The Minister of Environment

--------------------------------------- june 18, 1998,
To Honorable Walter Veltroni, Minister, Rome

Dear Walter,
With the present letter I'like to solicite an involvment of your ministery, about a matter that has noticeable implications on the safeguard of important environmental values.

I have known about a big real estate investment on a territory that guests a significant environment habitat. Such project is located in the province of Oristano, in the area calles "Is Arenas".

It concerns a touristic village of estimated value about 250 million dollars.

In the case it should be carried ahead it would compromise the balance of dunes and wood on the coast, represented by over 1 million pine trees. Such a project, financed by the bank of the Italian Switzerland, should be performed by a dutch company.

The region Sardinia has already delivered an authorization.

Presently such regional authorization is under examination in your offices, which could express themselves in order to withdraw the authorization. Trusting in the competence of your ministery I urge to communicate to you my worries exclusively aimed to the safeguard of a value that risks to disappear.

It would be desirable that in while examining the matter for giving the relative permissions it would be examined the environemental interests related to it, representing today the element most important of such a landascape.

best regard


(The Minister of Environment)