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From Agency ANSA (main italian information agency)

Environment: 800 hectares of sardinian coast run risk
(Environment news)
(ANSA) Rome,1998 feb 2

New "risk cement" for sardinian coasts. In order to avoid this "stealth of nature", the ministery of culture and environment goods took again position concerning the discussed real estate project in "Is Arenas", province of Oristano, area of valuable nature interest, where a complex of the value of about 250 million dollars should be built, financed with capitals coming from italian switzerland bank.

In the past days the main office for culture and environment in the ministery of environment has sent a letter to the province of Cagliari and Oristano in which they aks urgent investigations on the case, in time for possible voiding of the regional authorization.

In the note it is specified that in the case that the request, already asked by sept 97, should not be attended, the ministery would interest its own office of general direction for general and administrative problems.

The federation of Green party at Oristano declares:
"In Narbolia and San Vero Milis dunes, animals and 1 million trees are threatened by a bulk of cement for leasure houses and golf courts." (to be continue)

Environment: 800 hectares of sardinian coast run risk (2)
(Environment news)
(ANSA) Rome, 1998 feb 2

The project, approved by the Region, includes the realization of a touristic village (hotel, houses and golf courts) during 8 years, by the society "Is Arenas", for 222.900 cube meters of cements.

On the matter the Minister of Environment Edo Ronchi took a position, with a letter to the minister of culture, Veltroni. Ronchi highlighted that the project "would compromise the conservative equilibriums of dunes and a unique coast wood, represented by more than 1 million trees existing in the area.

The Minister could void the autorization already given by the region sardinia in the year 1997, because of the rules of the law "Galasso".

"This is a real estate speculation " which would destroy the only green lung in the province of Oristano",says Andrea Atzori, leader of Green party in Oristano, who takes position together with WWF, Legambiente, Italia Nostra and Friends of the Earth.

"Furthermore, the Region Sardinia, challenges the law, destroying a coast wood on one hand and on the other hand it inserts it in the sites of interest of the european community. (to be continue)

Environment: 800 hectares of sardinian coast run risk ( 3 )
(Environment news)
(ANSA) Rome,1998 feb 2

The history of Is Arenas borns in 1962, we read in the dossier of the Green party, when the society "Is Arenas" buys at the price of 29 italian lira per square meter (less than 2 cents of current USD) the 800 hectarsof the area, proposing a touristic village of 25.000 people and more than 1 million cubic meters of cement.

In 1973 the University of Venice declares the project not sustainable. In 1980 also WWF rises objections about it, but the municipality of Narbolia makes a convention with the society and approves the project for 240 000 cubic meters. In 1983 the area is inserted in the relevant areas for nature interest, while the last days history is made of continuous reference to the law courts.

The area of Is Arenas, about 1000 hectares on 6 Km of shore, has sand dunes 10-30 meter tall, and is at a few Km from the swamp of Sale Porcus, oasis of the protected Rose Flamingo.

In 1951 the forest agency started a massive re-woodening of the area in order to stop the expansion of the sand dune. 1.2 millions trees were set on the territory. Nowadays the pinewood is the habitat of foxes, wild cats and other rare land animals and birds.